Julie Dennis

Menopause specialist partnering with organisations to raise awareness, educate and introduce menopause as an inclusive topic

An interactive session designed to reduce the stigma around menopause, create constructive conversations and identify easy to implement, practical solutions.  

A few years ago, the topic of menopause at work was centred around how to support women experiencing symptoms.  Whilst that’s a crucial part of your menopause initiative, it’s equally important to establish menopause as an inclusive topic across your organisation.  

That’s because unless you have an inclusive environment where all employees regardless of gender, background and beliefs understand what menopause is, the challenges it presents and the opportunities it can bring to the workplace you will struggle to cultivate a culture where those impacted directly or indirectly by menopause can succeed.  

Key Takeaways:

• Clear overview of the business case as to why menopause is relevant in the work environment to demonstrate this as being a business critical rather than a ‘tick box’ initiative.
• Outline of what the menopause is including common symptoms, triggers and coping strategies to provide managers and leaders with an understanding of the challenges people experiencing symptoms face in the workplace.
• Examples of case studies and best practice solutions to support employees working through menopause and promote a positive and supportive workplace culture where its ok to talk about menopause.


Julie Dennis partners with organisations across the UK to introduce menopause as an inclusive topic, educate leaders and ensure people working through menopause continue to thrive at work and home.

Prior to entering the world of menopause Julie was employed in a variety of corporate roles spanning executive search, management consultancy and the mining industry.

The powerful combination of her personal experience of menopause and business background means she is ideally placed to meet both the needs of the individual and the demands of the business.

Julie regularly demonstrates her expertise as a speaker and commentator on menopause issues.  When not talking about menopause you will often find her at the piano or out running!

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