Carole Ann Rice

One of UK's leading life coaches for billionaires, supermodels, scientists and mums

Perfectionism, procrastination, over-thinking, people pleasing, hesitancy, poor decision making, paranoia, low self-esteem, shyness, imposter syndrome - all these baddies are FEAR under a different heading.

When you truly know what is holding you back and can identify the fear and what lies behind it you can use strategies  and power coaching tools to move you forward.

Carole Ann will share deep and instantly usable power tools that women, in particular, need to overcome the fears, insecurities and self esteem problems that keep them back.  It doesn't have to be this way and I can show you how.

Carole Ann Rice one of the UK's leading life coaches for over 16 years and she has coached billionaires and supermodels through to scientist and mums with their at-home start ups.  Carole Ann's specialist field is Confidence and Clarity - the most common issues the human beings present as obstacles to their goals and you can't get Clarity without the Confidence.

Carole Ann is also MD of  accredited life  coaching academy - - where she trains people to become world class life coaches.

Carole Ann the only coach in the UK to have had her own column in a national daily newspaper - Happy Monday - which ran weekly in the Daily Express for 7 years. Lively, sassy, funny and unbelievably real Carole Ann will share tips and tools to take you from floor to soar.

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