Mirna Ayshoa

Iraqi woman from a minority group, whose life was threatened for women’s equality and education

Mirna is an Iraqi female from a small ethno- religious minority in Iraq.

Mirna has challenged how the culture in Iraq views women, fought for gender roles to be equal, helped women get education abroad and that threatened her life.

Collaborated with the U.S embassy that was seen as an enemy and threat to the iraqi culture to educate women about the available educational opportunities.

Spoke about gender roles, trained and prepared numbers of women before being sent abroad to study. Helped women apply for leadership programs.

Mirna is also a musician that found more freedom to pursue that in America after coming here as a masters degree student for science and not being able to go back to her home that was invaded by ISIS.

Mirna has been a featured speaker in multiple platforms to tell the story of women who challenge the culture, religion and norms and what the consequences are if you dare to fight for freedom.

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