Cheryl Chapman

International multi-award winning speaker, mentor an author helping women to be seen, be heard and be you

As the daughter of a hard working mum and dad (who was away in the army), at 5 years old, Cheryl had her own front door key put around her neck by her mum, so that she arrived home from school to an empty house, and stayed alone for a few hours on a daily basis, until mum made her way home from work.

And as a good daughter, Cheryl was told to keep this a secret …as an only child rarely spoke and at school was described as quiet and shy!

After school she worked in the Corporate World for 30 years and learned how to
build profitable businesses. Cheryl gained the reputation of the “Trouble Shooter” because as she says "I could see clearly what was needed to increase sales and as a result profits too."

This role was a very lonely one… it was difficult to connect with others so she found an easy connection with alcohol.

In Cheryl 2011 started a journey of personal development and public speaker training….
This was a turning point because it was then that Cheryl found her WHY! (her purpose and passion), and as a result reconnected to herself and had her final alcoholic drink in 2015.

She went on to become an international multi award winning speaker… She realised she loved to speak and share her messages. At the end of 2015 she published her third book, which is the award winning "Find Your WHY! to Become Frickin' Awesome". And Co-Created along with Marion Bevington, The Find Your WHY! Foundation, to help implement the teaching from the book, expand upon those teachings and as a result there is now a large community of WHYs women who are members of the Find Your WHY! Foundation which now also offers a safe space for personal growth and development for women to Find Their WHY! and as it says on the book become (even more) frickin' awesome!

Since then she has mentored thousands of clients and developed a world class speaker mentoring program… She loved helping others to share their products and services too,
by guiding them to find their authentic voice.

In 2019 Cheryl was granted the TEDxAinleyTopWomen Licence and guided 20 amazing speakers (some professionally trained and some new) to eloquently and successfully share their ideas on the TED platform.

In 2020 she launched The Live Love Laugh Lives to help Entrepreneurs, Employers and Enlightened Souls  to be SEEN, HEARD & FELT on a platform that allowed them to share their products, services and ideas. Through impactful presentations, insightful interviews & inspiring  publications.

Her powers of seeing CLEARLY what is needed are really super powers! Cheryl Chapman is a Story Wizard, a Framework Alchemist and loves helping you to be SEEN, HEARD and FELT, so that your audience know, like and trust you through the power of professional presentations and enticing, empowering stories... Just like this one!

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