Juhi Shukla

Law graduate, trustee, innovation officer, anchor, show host and professional moderator

Juhi Shukla is Multitalented and has diverse interests in life!

Juhi is a law graduate who chose to be a full time housewife, so as to focus on one thing at a time, but her passions of life kept her on toes, so from being a university topper in graduation and a registered Lawyer in India she has worked as a banker with Multinational bank, and then with a government Organization with the legal team in Singapore.

She has an eye to detail and has experience in Freelance audits with various market research companies for many years while being a full time mom.

Juhi created a Charitable Trust with bunch of her childhood friends in India and have been remotely but actively working for educational causes and welfare of the students in hometown since 2014.

She is also a Chief Innovation Officer & Founding Director (CINO) for a brand new project which was started during Lockdown with friends in India, A Mushroom Plant (under construction).

And Creativity made her a baker, vlogger and a poet.

She loves a good conversation so she found a natural calling taking shape through "In conversation with Juhi Shukla", “Dus Sawaal”, The Fast Interview” etc.. various interviews covering diverse topics, creating awareness, sharing insights and inspiring journeys of great people, also doing Facebook, YouTube "Live" to promote or moderate an online event, these can be found on Facebook and YouTube.

She is super passionate about "women supporting women" and had organised a Women's conference in October just to ask friends to pledge to support each other.  

She is choosing to challenge many women to break stereotypes and start speaking freely and confidently.

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