Dr. Larisa Sharipova

Medical doctor and practicing certified holistic health practitioner

Larisa Sharipova is trained as a Medical Doctor and practice as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She is a founder of Holistic Expert, an Amazon Bestselling Author of  “Listen to Your Body and Regain Your Health” and a Public Speaker. She specializes in natural hormone balancing, epigenetics, stress management, detoxification and anti-aging.

Dr. Sharipova graduated from medical school in Europe in 1993. She had practiced as OBGYN specializing in adolescent gynecology and infertility and used alternative approaches to treat many hormonal disorders. After moving to the United States and learning about American Medical System, while taking Medical Boards, Larisa decided to take a different path in helping women.

In 2012 Larisa Sharipova completed professional training program in The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and the founder of Holistic Expert.

After healing herself and enhancing her own wellbeing, Larisa wanted to share her knowledge and her own story of transformational journey to a better life through her books and programs. Dr. Sharipova is very passionate to work with women who try to juggle their families and careers  by sacrificing their own health and happiness and who are ready to change their lives and achieve their goals through nutrition and lifestyle modifications. She guides women to build a healthy mind and a healthy body naturally, so they have less stress and more energy and joy in life.

Larisa Sharipova offers coaching for women through private and group sessions; webinars and workshops; retreats and cooking classes.

She is a professional member of American Drugless Practitioners Association and International Health Coaching Federation.

When Larisa is not writing, speaking, teaching, coaching clients or making a new healthy dish, you can find her doing yoga, creating chocolate, reading a book or enjoying time with her two daughters.

Dr. Sharipova speaks on topics:
1. How to Listen to Your Body
2. How to Stay Healthy in a Challenging Time
3. It's Not What You Eat, It's What Eating You
4. Power of Self-Healing
5. From Stress to Health

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