Cheryl Thompson

UK-based Northern, straight talking, and broadly experienced leader

Looking for a straight talking, fair, honest and open woman who can talk from lived experience within the fast paced often male dominated and nearly always male led UK financial services sector.

I’m right here!

I lift women up, I challenge men and women to step closer together. I advocate for equity, understanding, open mindedness. I’m passionate and powerful. I care about the human experience.

I’ve successfully coached level within business. I use both feminine and masculine energy. I was a natural born nunchi expert and I teach the same. Understanding effective and fair communication in all things changes - living an ethical and loving life that’s starts with the self elevates the spirit and opens up possibilities.

First and foremost I’m a proud Yorkshire woman.

I’d love to get to know you and your teams to show you a different way of looking at the world because once you see the world differently, one you learn to look for the gift, YOU change.

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