Analou Vilarde

Global Peace Ambassador for the Philippines and social media strategist

She had a very simple life and her parents really worked so hard to provide for all their needs. She used to help her papa from grade school to high school with the farm.

Then by 2012, she went to college. She studied in another city and that was the first time she was away from her family. It was a different experience from what she had back home. There were malls, most students had their phones, laptops, and all these different gadgets which she never had.

She stayed at her aunt’s house for college. That’s where she saw the other side of the world. She was introduced to odesk + elance which is now called “Upwork”. Her cousin started working online on some data entry jobs and she started helping out so she could get some money for her college allowance. From that day on, she had been so curious about working from home. She used her free time after school to research and learn new things.

Freelancing is a tough career. 1 job post in just 5 minutes will have around 20 applications. Yes, it’s hard, but it helped her grow as a person. She found her passion and she saw her future right there. Just last September 2019, she quit her 9-5 job and founded her very first VA company called Vorkforce.  

She is also a part of a non-profit organization that offers FREE coaching for anyone in need of a listening ear. Can be done 1 on 1 or in the group. 100% online phone-in, available 24/7 Support Zoom Room. They help people who might be experiencing fear and anxiety during this pandemic. If they feel significantly messed up inside and can’t seem to find a way to fix this. They can take a moment to reflect, and have a meaningful conversation with their coaches.

Analou feels that “As a Social Media Manager, she can use the experience and the connections she has to promote and support spreading peace. She has always loved the children too. Playing with them and teaching them some fun games makes her feel peaceful and just the feeling of FREEDOM. She always tries to make a difference in everything that she does. Just like how she teaches the kids, it made it more fun so they won’t think learning is boring.

I do really believe that peace comes from the environment that we are in and if we make a difference in everything that we do, it’s gonna count”.

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