Shanna Kabatznick

Cross-cultural experiential speaker, facilitator and connector who addresses the topic of 'Creating a Culture of Collaboration'

Shanna Kabatznick has been discovering and living the art of connecting her entire life.

Born in Quito, Ecuador to a Jewish American father and Spanish Catholic mother, Shanna often felt that she didn’t completely fit anywhere, but she found a way to create friends and actively participate.

When she moved to the United States to attend Mississippi State University she was suddenly immersed in an environment unlike any she had previously experienced. She felt uncomfortable and alone. Everything changed when she realized the keys to connecting with people different from herself. Her relationships transformed.

Shanna went on to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Management Information Systems and create a successful 20-year career as a trainer, manager, and exceptional business development professional in the finance and banking industry.

Today, she is the Founder and Chief Empowerment Officer of FABWOMEN, a community of professional women that come together to collaborate and embrace their true and unique authentic self.

In addition, Shanna is a published author, bilingual speaker and consultant who specializes in helping all professionals truly connect in a diverse world so that they experience reduced workplace conflict, increased productivity, and more successful sales conversations.  

Her own “art of connecting” story is featured in Gusty Tales Off the Rails.

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