Ayo Ayoola-Amale

Conflict resolution consultant, facilitator and trainer, coach focused on trauma healing, culture and the arts

Ayo Ayoola- Amale is the Lead / Partner at First Conflict Resolution Services. A certified conflict coach, she designs, develop and facilitates training programs, and has extensive experience working with individual, organizational and multicultural conflict scenarios. What’s important to her, is making a positive difference and also helping leaders in their business to create higher performing organizations as an investment. Her experience led her to turning around toxic workplaces to become productive, profitable and healthier places to be in, as well as helping people to become happier. She is passionate about conflict management, improving communication, culture, diversity, and inclusion.                

Ayo is a feminist peace builder and the Founder of WILPF Ghana. A devoted violence against women and girls campaigner, and promoter of girls’ education. As a catalyst, by empowering women to see new possibilities, she has built up the tools to be an advocate for women, inspiring and encouraging them to be the best they can.

As a keynote speaker she is focused on Conflict resolution, feminist topics and womanhood.  She believes that it is her assignment to support women and girls to come to power by advocating, influencing policy and creating an understanding of the patriarchal structures.

Copyright picture: photographer Li Grebäck.

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