Fareeha Usman

Founder & CEO of Being Woman; Multi award winner of We are the City Rising Star, GBEA, & Dynamo North East Rising Star

Fareeha Usman is a Multi-award winner, an internationally respected EDI Innovation worker and an Entrepreneur for Good. A global voice of authority on Gender equality, diversity and inclusion she is the Founder of Being Woman Charity and the mind behind the Food sharing app “Share Karo” launched to provide an integrated system to distribute food and essentials for the people in need. She sits on Board for YMCA Northumberlandand, Healthwatch Northumberland an advisor to TechMums whilst being an Agile Business Analyst.

Fareeha is working with Dynamo North East to foster better understanding of EDI in the North East Tech Sector. She has been actively promoting digital and social inclusion in Northumberland UK through her work and is one of 100 Tech Up Women Programme by Dr Sue Black. She strongly vouch for the promotion of equality and diversity and supports BAME, asylum seekers and refugee women and families. Fareeha strongly believes that people should be recognised on the basis of their talent and capabilities rather than judged on colour, race, age or gender. Through her work she has established that we can certainly break barriers if we are ready to make that change. It is all about accepting each other and dignifying the abilities we all possess.

Fareeha Usman on Twitter: @F_S_Usman

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