The Fleur Project

London-based, POC florist with a focus on challenging florist stereotypes

The Fleur Project actively challenges the traditional view on floristry. Today, flowers go beyond the stale expectations and we invite the horticulture world into our personal and business space as a form of new energy, life, self-celebration and expression. Why wait for someone to buy you flowers...when you can buy them yourself?

After working in the finance world for over 13 years, I decided it was time for a change. I swapped corporate meetings to floral consultations with the intention to create something intimate, playful and modern. The BBB (big, bright and bold) is at the heart of every piece we create. My goal is to inject joy and trigger conversations around creative outlets we all have!

The floristry world is lacking in women-in-colour representation and I want to play an active role in changing that.

At The Fleur Project we promote the use of plastic and foam free creations.

My services include bouquets, focal pieces, press packages, installations – via events, parties, collaborations, pop-ups or workshops.

Over the course of 2022-2023 I will be launching a series of floristry workshops for corporates part of employee mental health promotion and team building exercises. Get in touch if this is something you think your employees would love!  

For a peek inside my floristry world come follow me:
• Instagram: @the_fleur_project_
• Website:
• Tik Tok: @thefleurprojectx
• Pinterest: @TheFleurProject

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