Looking to license the use of content created by women?

Do you ever consider who shot the images that you are about to license?

Opinions, habits, and decisions are often arrived at through the published media we consume every day. With so much of it (over 80%) shot from a male gaze how truthful a representation of our world can that be?

We know how difficult it can be to find images created by female photographers, so we want to make it easy for you, and help you to diversify your content from behind the lens too. #BreakTheBias

SHOTBYWOMEN launches as an image library platform, for the purpose of licence and distribution of content created exclusively by female photographers from around the world.

The SHOTBYWOMEN collection is curated from the finest content, spanning all areas of photography. And the platform is packed with useful features designed to ease and please your journey with us:

USAGE LICENCE HISTORY – displays if an image has been previously licenced.

PHOTOGRAPHER PROFILE PAGES – linked to their content can be followed, shared, and include bio and contact info.

CHAT BOT – connecting you to our helpful team for any assistance required, including bespoke picture research and licence queries.

PHOTOGRAPHIC ASSIGNMENT SERVICES – through our assignment production specialist team at Female Perspective

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