Atizay Shop

Art shop & community where Culture, Art & Diversity meet.

Atizay Shop is a women-owned art shop and community where we provide visual artists with different outlets to promote and sell their work.

Our shop offers a variety of prints from talented photographers, illustrators and handmade bags from Haiti.

Our mission is to bring artists and art lovers together regardless of their location or background and to continue to amplify the voices of underrepresented artists through our annual event “AAVAG” (Atizay Afro Visual Art Gathering) since 2019.

Atizay is the Haitian Creole word for “art.” More specifically, Atizay refers to something that is put in practice, something that is applied to some art or manufacture. It refers to anything and everything that we create through the manipulation and transformation of matter.

What better word to welcome the diversity that is found in art?  

Just like Haitian Creole is the fusion of French, African and indigenous languages, we want Atizay to be a space that represents the unity of us, artists and art lovers from around the world, despite the diversity we find in art.

We work in concert with international artists, art schools and galleries to bring you culture, art and diversity through artwork that tells unique stories.

Through this collaboration, the artists we represent are empowered and supported so that they continue to create and grow on their art journey.

We have a great selection of items that every audience will enjoy receiving, whether it is a small print, illustrations, handmade bags, or custom tote bags.

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