Girl Communications

Girl Communications is well versed in communicating your brand, its benefits and ethos to the media and ultimately, to your core audience

Girl Communications is one of Australia’s premier PR agencies for a reason.

Highly regarded and no holds barred creative, Girl Communications PR Agency is strategic and forward-thinking, delivering ROI to clients through solid relationships and a comprehensive understanding of the media landscape.

Clients benefit from our strategic approach, personalised service, stand-out creativity and tangible results – less the fuss.

All clients are treated as VIP with our Director Juliet Potter overseeing every account and client interaction.

Juliet has worked in the branding, digital and PR landscape for almost two decades. Well known to media, she is often called upon as an expert to make comment in such publications as OK! Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Sunday Style Magazine, A Current Affair, The Today Show and is a regular contributor to The Daily Telegraph’s Rendezview.

Extremely passionate about women’s issues and mental health, Girl Communications regularly works pro bono with aligned causes and charities to help raise awareness through our established media connections.

They've also been known to create a few of their own including Red Undies Week, Orphan Christmas and White Caravan.

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