Awfully Chocolate

Looking for the best chocolate cake in Singapore to celebrate IWD?

The cake that started it all – noted for being one of the best and most famous cake shops in Singapore, Awfully Chocolate’s original All Chocolate Cake is an everyday chocolate cake made with Awfully Chocolate’s own chocolate, which has a unique dark roast flavour.

Baked fresh daily and handcrafted in Singapore from scratch, Awfully Chocolate cakes are available in-stores and online.

Beautiful IWD gifting starts with Awfully Chocolate.

Lyn left her successful career as a lawyer and opened her first cake shop in 1998. Why? Because she couldn't find a simple dark chocolate cake anywhere in Singapore that she could tuck into anytime she wanted. Lyn started Awfully Chocolate with a group of friends - none of whom had any experience running a business - but has always been the face behind the brand.

The first outlet in Katong sold just a single item - a simple dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate fudge. But it was so good that customers travelled from all over the island to try it.

Awfully Chocolate now has 15 outlets in Singapore and more in several cities in China, such as Shanghai, Chendgu and Guangzhou. The brand also has a cafe, Ninethirty, which offers a contemporary selection of well-loved comfort food and (of course) Awfully Chocolate desserts, and vintage-vibe cafe Sinpopo, known for its range of local desserts. Sometimes, chocolate truly is the path to success and happiness.

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