Exciting florist with a minimalist style and an emphasis on colors and design

Powerflower is located on the corner of Sølvgade and Adelgade close to the old cozy environment of Nyboder and the King's garden.

Shop owner Anne Katrine Bech decided after many years to open her own shop. The store naturally came to be called the Powerflower, as the style is minimalist with an emphasis on colors and design.

Anne's love of all things floral started when, after high school, she spent a few years in Japan, where, in addition to teaching English, she trained as an Ikeban teacher, the traditional Japanese way of arranging flowers.

Powerflower makes everything from stretcher bouquets to bridal bouquets as well decorations at events.

Anne goes to Grøntorvet very early where she selects quality products that she needs in the shop, so she can make sure that the quality of the goods in the shop lives up to the highest standard.

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