Lillian and Lena Photography

Do you want beautiful photographs all produced in-house by experienced photographers?

Lillian & Lena were started in 2006 by photographers Lillian Hjellum and Lena Gill. As the years have gone by, they have expanded with more photographers, apprentices, and photo processors.

90% of what they supply is completed in-house so they have good control over the production process from A-Z.

Lillian is a versatile photographer with a main focus on children, weddings, families and corporate portraits. Lillian makes people relaxed with her good humor and passionate personality.

Lillian also has the main responsibility for training apprentices.

Lena also photographs most things, but has a passion for the smallest detail. Lena takes care of everything administrative in the studio and has pretty much the record of everything that is going on in the company.

Lena is a former frame maker and has developed frame products for suppliers that are now sold to all photographers in Norway.

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