Lisa Graham Music

Making the music in your life a little more special...

My name is Lisa Graham and I make the music in your life a little more special.

Growing up, I didn’t have access to formal music education, especially for flute. Most of my early learning was self-taught. When I came to Calgary for university, I auditioned for an ensemble. I was devastated when I wasn’t accepted. However, I knew I needed to keep playing. An online search uncovered a local flute teacher. She responded to my inquiry, and I spent a few years studying with her. It completely changed my life.

Today, I am privileged to share music at weddings, concerts, charity events, and more. One of my most exciting musical adventures was a trip to Portugal in 2012. Along with three other musicians, I visited schools in Porto. In our presentation, we featured famous people who practiced both science and music. The program included scientific nuggets interspersed with musical excerpts. I also had the opportunity to perform in two public concerts and as a guest at a third. Since returning, I have guest lectured on science and music at the University of Calgary.

The arts and sciences are both extremely important parts of one’s education. Music integrates both so well and I love sharing both aspects with my students. Playing an instrument is a physical and mental exercise. I love helping students develop musicianship through student-centric learning activities. From day one, I encourage independent learning. Students self-evaluate while exploring their interests. I provide guidance to advance their skills. I also teach strategies to enable effective at-home practice. Music can also be a team sport and I encourage collaborations where possible.

In performance, I love sharing the unexpected. In my travels, I have come across many wonderful pieces some from obscure local composers. It’s my pleasure to curate and share these with listeners in a concert hall or more informal setting. The joy of discovery goes even further when preparing for a special event. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with the perfect musical program.

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