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Find Your Voice: Presentation & Public Speaking Training

* Have You Been Trying To Get Your Message Out To The World?
*  Do You Recognise The Importance Of Content Creation But You Just Can't Bring Yourself To Make Videos?
*   Or...Do You Just Feel Like You Need To Be More Heard In The World?

You are not alone! Do these situations feel familiar to you?

* When the camera is rolling you get incredibly nervous and you lose your voice.
* When you record, your 'personality' decides it doesn't want to be a part of the recording.
* You feel like you become someone else in your recordings.
* You feel like you lose your enthusiasm in the recording but strangely...what you are talking about is what you love the MOST in the world!
* You don't like the sound of your own voice.

Welcome to the 'Find Your Voice' Program. A program built by Exceptional Existence founder Louise after 15 years supporting professionals across the world to find their voice in interviews, presentations, meetings and boardrooms. 

The program was designed to help people to understand their personal brand/message, to identify their own unique, authentic voice (this is more important than many realise), to break through any blocks around presenting/speaking and to better communicate to all of the audiences they face in life (professionally and personally).

The link for the program and testimonials is below. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. 

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