#PressforProgress in women's sport

Worldwide, slow gains are being made when it comes to increased media coverage of women's sporting events, the securing of bigger sponsorships for women's teams and tournaments, more equal pay for women in sport, better support and greater respect overall. So let's speed up equality!

Iconic athletes can help raise awareness

Olympic Gold medal winner Charlotte Caslick OAM and Craig Twentyman, Head of Athletic Performance Australian Women’s 7s Rugby #PressforProgress for equality

Highlighting the gains in women's sport

It's time to place a lot more value on women's sporting contributions and participation. And it's time to celebrate the people, teams, communities and media who actively choose to support, cover and feature women's sport.

It's time to #PressforProgress and work together to truly speed up gender parity for women's sport - across all teams, across all countries!

More progress still needed

The media can play an active role in promoting women's equality in sport by increasing coverage of women's accomplishments and successes - so as to help that forge forward women's equality in sport.

Celebrate those journalists, broadcasters and media outlets that go out of their way to cover and champion women in sport. Openly acknowledge the sponsors around the world who show their commitment to supporting and driving forward women's sport.

South Africa Women's Rugby Team players Chané Stadler and Megan Comley know women's equality in sport is key.

Around the world sporting teams and their clubs are taking to social media to promote their International Women's Day activity and showcase how they play their part as they #PressforProgress.

Each day this week until @womensday we we will be sharing empowering images of our team as we continue to #PressForProgress and maintain #genderparity
๐Ÿ’š๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’™#IWD2018 #InternationalWomensDay #WomensDay  #PressforProgress-image

— Abbey Ladies RFC @AbbeyRFCLadies 



Impressive women athletes call for equality

Kelsi Stockert and Abby Gustaitus from the USA Women's Rugby Team are committed to #PressforProgress.

Fiji Women's National Rugby Sevens Team commits to #PressforProgress

Fiji Women's National Rugby Sevens Team player Tima Ravisa is a strong advocate for equality and calls out to sporting communities across the world to #PressforProgress.

Fiji Women's National Rugby Sevens Team player Tima Ravisa is a strong advocate for equality and puts a call out to the world to #PressforProgress

Fiji Women's National Rugby Sevens kicks off #PressforProgress call

And it's not only the many accomplished individual women who are championing the plight for equality, whole teams are getting behind the global #PressforProgress campaign.  

Fiji Women's National Rugby Sevens Team

The world is watching as the remarkable Fiji Women's National Rugby Sevens Team steps up as leaders and champions to put the very first strong call out to further teams and sporting communities around the world to forge forward and #PressforProgress. Way to go Team Fiji - your strength and drive are an inspiration for everyone.

Fiji Women's National Rugby Sevens Team members are strong advocates for women's equality in sport and leaders in the call-to-action for equality.


Fiji Women's National Rugby Team Manager, Salote Ramabuke, knows rugby can drive equality.

Further teams around the world support a #PressforProgress

Samoa Rugby Union joins many sporting groups around the world calling for women's equality in sport.

Samaoa Women's Rugby Union Team
Samoa Rugby Union join the global call to #PressforProgress

Men as powerful advocates for equality

And it is not solely up to the women to call for equality. Men are great allies and advocates when it comes to tangible action to drive gender parity. Fiji Airways Fijiana 7s coach Iliesa Tanivula has urged tournament organisers to include women’s competition in their events saying “Not only will this provide more opportunity for game time but also it promotes gender equality.”

Equality in sport drives equality in communities

And here is a further reason why equality in sport really matters. Not only does it provide women with the respect and equal exposure they deserve, but it changes communities. Equality in sport strengthens solidarity and helps forge the awareness needed to drive positive change in communities everywhere.

Will your team #PressforProgress?

Send in videos, interviews, soundbites, press releases, social media posts or news coverage if you'd like your own calls for equality and gains made promoted and amplified via the International Women's Day 2018 #PressforProgress Women's World Sport Initiative. <

Equality campaigns drive positive change

So what insired an International Women's Day 2018 #PressforProgress Women's World Sport Initiative?

Last year, the U.S. Women's National Hockey Team adopted the International Women's Day campaign theme #BeBoldForChange to call for pay equality. Each member of the U.S. Women’s National Hockey League Team held up messages with the hashtag #BeBoldForChange on Twitter and Instagram posts, calling for equality.

The players were boycotting the world championship unless they came to an agreement over improved wage and other support from USA Hockey. The women's team received support from the Major League Baseball Players Association and groups around the world supporting the team's solidarity to stand united.

Their tweet said:
The USWNT has taken to social media to show their solidarity with a "The players of the USWNT are ..." movement #BeBoldForChange - Women's Hockey Life (@LiveTheDreamWHL) - 1:39 PM - Mar 24, 2017

USA Women's Hockey Team #BeBoldForChange

It's time to #PressforProgress

Join the global movement throughout 2018, and beyond, to step up and truly make a difference for women's sport and #PressforProgress.

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