Embracing Equity in a Male-Dominated Industry

Ann Fandozzi, Chief Executive Officer, Ritchie Bros.

 IWD 2023

At Ritchie Bros., we are committed to having a culture that fosters respect, inclusion and opportunity of growth for all.

We understand that while everyone may be at different places on their diversity, equity & inclusion (DE&I) journeys, we’re all heading in the same direction—a culture where everyone feels like they belong.

Key to the start of Ritchie Bros.’ DE&I journey was the formation of our first Employee Resource Group, Women’s LINK, in 2018. Women’s LINK provides empowerment and support for all through community, connection and development.

As we work to #EmbraceEquity at Ritchie Bros., Women’s LINK has been crucial to those efforts in numerous ways:

  • Release of a Spotlight Series at the end of 2021 that promotes women’s visibility at Ritchie Bros. by showcasing real life experiences and stories. Four women have been featured as part of the series thus far and two have received promotions since being featured.
  • Providing conference sponsorships to foster leadership skills and professional development. In 2022, 14 women received sponsorships to help them drive positive change within their teams and at Ritchie Bros.
  • Recently donating US $5,000 to causes related to women’s rights, safety and equality.

At Ritchie Bros, we are proud of the female representation we have on both our Board of Directors and executive leadership team.

We are committed to doing even more to #EmbraceEquity and will continue to work to achieve gender equity across the organization.



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