#EmbraceEquity and Charge Forward Toward a Better Tomorrow

Brent Sjoberg, President & Chief Financial Officer, Avana

 IWD 2023

Embracing equity is not an idea at Avana, it is an action.

Our business success is a direct result of our desire to be open, welcoming and inclusive.

We have had the opportunity to impact hundreds of women, whether as residents in our homes, developing leaders in our organization, or supporting women who are changing our community for the better.

I have been blessed in my career to work with some of the most effective, progressive and industry-leading women who have shaped our teams' direction and our business's ongoing growth.

One size does not fit all, and our workplaces and communities thrive from diverse thoughts, experiences and contributions. 

Unfortunately, more effort and work are required to create equity, both at home and in the workplace.

At Avana, we are proud to be able to support many women and organizations that deserve the opportunity to experience a world that is safe, free from violence and supportive of their growth and development.

Our work inspires me daily to improve the lives of the people we connect with.

It is my hope that International Women’s Day inspires us all to be a difference-maker in pursuit of true gender equality across our communities.

Please join us in embracing equity and charging forward toward a better tomorrow.

Learn about the Avana Foundation’s work, including Avana’s Empowerment Fund and the Help Us Help Her committee, both of which support women and children fleeing intimate partner violence. The Foundation works closely with community organizations like YWCA Regina and SOFIA House

Committing to #EmbraceEquity can make the world better for everyone!



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