Empowering companies across the world to #EmbraceEquity

Archana Gilravi, Senior Vice President, Lean In

 IWD 2023

Lean In is joining forces for International Women’s Day to empower companies across the world to #EmbraceEquity.

In order to break systemic barriers that hold women back at work, companies need to put the right programs and policies in place.

They also need to ensure that all employees, at all levels, know how to challenge bias and practice allyship.

Lean In’s research points to the critical need for employee education.

Although most women experience bias at work, only 1 in 4 employees say they see biased behavior in their organization—and those that do rarely speak up.

And while a majority of white employees see themselves as allies to women of color, relatively few are taking action.

All employees need to understand what not to do — and more importantly, what to do — to change the culture of work and help ensure that all women feel supported and have equal opportunities to succeed.

That’s where Lean’s In programs come in.

50 Ways to Fight Bias takes the guesswork out of identifying and challenging bias.

The program has grown to include over 100 examples of bias with specific recommendations for what employees can say and do.

Allyship at Work teaches employees to recognize their privilege and introduces them to research-backed steps they can take to show up as allies.

Together, these two programs give employees the practical knowledge and tools they need to become part of the solution.

The results and feedback we’ve received have been incredible. 96% of managers feel better equipped to talk about bias with their teams after participating in 50 Ways to Fight Bias. 94% of participants feel more equipped to take effective allyship action.

Many of the steps we recommend in 50 Ways to Fight Bias and Allyship at Work are simple.

They may even seem small. But they can have a huge impact.

Research shows that when employees challenge bias and act as allies, it not only helps their colleagues in the moment, it also creates a ripple effect. It inspires others to take meaningful action, too.



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