#EmbraceEquity to create an equal world

Alan Manuel, Chief Executive Officer, Currie & Brown

 IWD 2023

At Currie & Brown, I believe in creating an equitable journey for all.

#EmbraceEquity, put simply, is about creating an equal world.  A concept that we live daily at Currie & Brown.

While recognising there is still some way to go to create a world that has complete gender equality and one where all women and girls are empowered, at Currie & Brown there are some fundamentals being worked on so we can break down the barriers and create a more equal workforce.

We believe in challenging the barriers that may prevent women from progressing in the workplace.

For me, this is about supporting everyone with what they need to achieve success. 

The aim with any equality initiative should be to create the right culture and support that is needed to remove barriers and level the playing field.

Growing the next tier of female leaders across our business is extremely important to us.

This year and in others to come, we will continue to undertake further activities, designed to ensure that every individual in our organisation is included and has equitable opportunities to progress their career and play a part in the next exciting stage of our future.

This varies from mandatory ‘inclusive behaviour’ training, supporting flexible working, and advert screening for gender bias.

It goes without saying we still all have some way to go, but it is my hope that International Women’s Day inspires us all to make the difference in pursuit of true gender equality.



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