More Than a Goal: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion are a Responsibility

Cindy J. Miller, President & Chief Executive Officer, Stericycle

 IWD 2023

In honor of International Women’s Day, we recognize the incredible contributions women have made and the ways they support opportunities for all.

As someone who spent most of my career in male-dominated industries and as Stericycle's first female CEO, I recognize that promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion is not just a goal; it is a responsibility.  

With the #EmbraceEquity theme, we support efforts in creating an equitable and inclusive workplace for all team members. Everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, etc., wants to work for a company that prioritizes their health and well-being, promotes education and career opportunities, and provides competitive benefits.

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) play a critical role in helping us appreciate differences and creating forums for building a culture of empathy and respect.

One of our ERGs, called Women's Resource for Impact, Success, and Empowerment (WRISE), cultivates community among women in the business and allows them to connect and share advice on career development. In addition, Stericycle hosts an annual International Women’s Summit, uniting women in motivational career and personal development discussions.

At Stericycle, women can see themselves represented at all levels of the organization.

In 2022, we increased our percentage of women in senior and middle management roles globally to 30% and 33%, respectively, and 65% of all U.S.-based new hires were racially or ethnically diverse. Thirty percent of Stericycle's corporate board is comprised of female directors, exceeding the national average for female-held board seats. This is only the beginning.

You are the best advocate for yourself and the change you want to see.

Saying “yes” to new opportunities can make you feel more powerful.

Together, we can #EmbraceEquity by increasing female visibility and cultivating career growth to help shape a healthier and safer world for everyone, everywhere, every day.



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