Embracing Equity Begins with Putting People First

Michelle Mikesell, Chief People Officer, G&A Partners

 IWD 2023

At G&A Partners, our mission is to deliver world-class HR services that empower people to achieve their dreams and pursue their passions. We do this by living and breathing our values to Put People First, Love What You Do, Create Phenomenal Experiences, Lead by Example, and Communicate Consistently and Openly.

As Chief People Officer at G&A Partners, I have a special affinity for the first of our Living, Breathing Values – to Put People First.  It is why this year’s International Women’s Day theme resonates with me so much.

Embracing equity means remembering that each of us has value. Each of us as human beings brings with us our unique lived experiences. Each of us may need something different to thrive in our careers. Recognizing our differences is often our strength, can sometimes pose challenges along our journeys, but also gives us tremendous advantages as we innovate and collaborate. We need the support of people around us to meet these challenges. Simply put – to #EmbraceEquity, is to Put People (and their wonderful diversity) First.

At G&A Partners, our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are one of the many ways that we support each other and celebrate our diversity. Last year, 80% of our employees took advantage of educational resources, events, and development opportunities made possible by our ERGs. Our With Women ERG focuses on providing opportunities for women to unlock the power inside themselves. Our YOUnify ERG provides a space to come together to deepen understanding of what makes each of us unique by building community, educating, and connecting. Their recent events include topics that focus on equity, including:

  • A panel discussion with G&A women about their stories of adversity and success;
  • An event focused on conflict resolution methods and how to apply them in the workplace;
  • A workshop with a leading DEI expert on how to be a catalyst for change;
  • A workshop on understanding biases and stereotypes; and
  • A discussion on inclusion and disability.

No one better understands the workplace's stress and demands better than a team member. And, when someone working beside you supports your efforts, it not only helps you to be more effective, but it helps you feel like you belong.

As a professional employer organization, G&A Partners is uniquely positioned to effect positive change in the workforce. Our professionals deal with issues of opportunity, discrimination, diversity, equity, and inclusion every day. We are also uniquely positioned because our workforce (and the HR industry overall) is mostly female and gender diverse. I couldn’t be prouder of our G&A Partners family for striving to #EmbraceEquity every day and I look forward to continuing to do our part toward achieving a truly equal and inclusive world.



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