Embracing Equity, Celebrating Opportunity

Felecia Pryor, Senior Vice President & Chief People Officer, John Deere

 IWD 2023

At John Deere, we run so life can leap forward and at our best, we run for all. Our company’s actions affect more than 75,000 employees worldwide. We run for them in addition to our stakeholders, suppliers, customers, and the greater global community. And we know that each of them trusts that we are committed to embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles into all aspects of how we run. 

For the second consecutive year, we are proud to partner with International Women’s Day (IWD). John Deere values the contributions made by women in our workforce, industries, and all the places around the world that we call home. We aim to be progressive and growth-centered in ways that empower women to feel heard and included through purpose-driven and career-defining opportunities. We believe this commitment allows women to not only be counted, but to be counted on. 

Yet, we know that more must be done to create these opportunities for women across the globe. Both near and far, we see the value of reinforcing an understanding that solutions are better when many voices are elevated. We value that view, believing ideas must come from a variety of lived experiences, strengthening not only the individual but the whole.

IWD shares these passions and makes the organization a natural partner in our mission of breaking biases and uplifting women because IWD is not just a celebration of achievement but also visibility, equality, and access.

From performance management to succession planning, I am committed to ensuring that John Deere is intentional about DEI. DEI is an extension of our company’s goal of amplifying innovation on behalf of people, community, and planet. With a DEI mindset, John Deere will evolve and become part of a bigger picture where DEI influences our indirect interactions and direct investments.

John Deere supports IWD 2023, and we are dedicated to creating and celebrating the success that is sure to come when we #EmbraceEquity.

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