Women street artists around the world paint iconic female murals for IWD

 March 30, 2020

To support a mission of increasing the visibility of women street artists and promoting their work for commercial projects so, International Women's Day teamed up with all-women street artist group International Women's Crew to run an IWD Street Art Competition.

The competition invited female street artists worldwide creating exciting street art to support the International Women’s Day campaign theme across three categories: #EachforEqual themed murals for 2020, Happy International Women’s Day murals, and Women’s Equality statement murals.

Below we take a look at some of the brilliant creations shared via the project - and we celebrate the brillantly talented artists. 

Gracing communities with the iconic #EachforEqual pose

Two women street artists, Ms Snaps and Art By Miss Polly, collaborated on an awesome creation in Australia's Northern Territory.

Art by Miss Polly

Art By Miss Polly is an Australian-based artist and arts educator.

In collaboration with International Women’s Crew founder Ms Snaps, the pair created some bright and bold artwork around the #EachForEqual theme.

We love her women towering over the street, striking the pose!

Art by Miss Polly each for equal

To coincide with International Women's Day, Miss Polly also organized a solo exhibition celebrating the past and present works of strong women.

Art by Miss Polly

Celebrating a strong woman leader: New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

IWD streetart Laura Jackson and Shima

In collaboration, fellow artists Laura Jackson and Shima painted a fabulous mural of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern striking the #EachforEqual pose in the artists' exciting style, color palette and typography.

IWD streetart Laura Jackson and Shima

Located on the city side entrance to Pyrmont Bridge in Sydney Australia, the two women chose Jacinda as the subject of their portrait in recognition of all that she has done for women, humanity and sustainability.

IWD streetart Laura Jackson and Shima

Drawing artistic inspiration from female skaters

IWD streetart by VKM and Manda Lane

Another powerful collaboration project, this time between artists VKM and Manda Lane was painted in areas across Melbourne.

IWD streetart by VKM and Manda Lane

The pieces were inspired by VKM's photographs of female skaters, which the two artists turned into awesome stencils.

IWD streetart by VKM and Manda Lane

The artwork plays with the contrast between stereotypically feminine botanicals and the cool renegade image of a female skater, representing two different sides to being a modern woman.

Creatively interpreting the #EachforEqual theme from 2020

Each for Equal women

International Women’s Crew founder Ms Snaps created this bright and popping piece to celebrate the #EachforEqual theme, and also penned an article where she explained the state of play for women street artists worldwide. 

Based in Darwin, Ms Snaps specialises in graffiti, murals and typography fonts, and her enthusiasm for street art grew from her passion and love for photography and the outdoors, with a style heavily influenced by her partner's London background.

She has a strong connection with her community in her role as a Community Development Officer for Youth, Sports and Recreation for the City of Palmerston in Austaila's Northern Territory and is passionate about supporting her communities young people.

Ms Snaps finds herself pushing her creativity in a city with new and unlimited potential, with the intention of spreading that creativity nationally and internationally.

Bringing IWD street art to London's Capital City Academy

Samu IWD

This fabulous creation is Samu in London at Capital City Academy.

A member of Ms Snaps's International Women's Crew, Samu is a Portuguese spray paint artist with a graphic design and fine art background, living and working in London.

Samu's play with calligraphy is inspired by traditional sign painting, medieval illuminated manuscripts' letters and contemporary advertising. By painting uplifting or thought-inducing words or slogans, the artist hopes to use art to inspire happiness, gratefulness and reflection. 

Samu deeply believes in art’s power to help build stronger communities by helping us rethink and reimagine the way we live together.

Through her murals - which can be said to have an unashamedly feminine style - she hopes to inspire other women and young people to not only express themselves productively and creatively but also to stay true to themselves, persevere and always work hard towards their dreams.

Uniting young artists at Lady Eleanor Holles

IWD streetart by Lady Eleanor Holles School

Street art isn't limited to professional artists, as students at Lady Eleanor Holles High School proved with their jigsaw mural, where each piece was designed by each Form to show what International Women's Day means to them.

IWD streetart by Lady Eleanor Holles School

With 20 minutes to produce their piece during form time, the results are amazing and inspiring.

Creating feminine street art with pride 

IWD streetart by Artsy Elaine

Artist Elaine Stephenson truly wished the world a 'Happy International Women's Day' with her IWD mural painted in Atlanta, Georgia, which joined other pieces of street art in the famous Krog Street Tunnel.

Public art is exciting to Elaine because it's a chance to create work that whole communities participate in and can feel ownership of.

Inspired by the beauty in the world, Elaine tries to reflect that beauty back through her designs and paintings by using bright colors and pastels. She continues to lean into her feminine nature, embracing it, and trying not to worry about everyone else liking it. 

Painting a massive mural is no easy feat

IWD streetart by Gemsbowl

There's no limit to the size and scope of street art, as shown by artist Gemsbol - a member of IWC. Inspired by a song and movement and featuring model Heneriata Te Whata, Gemsbol painted this awe-inspiring mural up the side of a building as part of Street Prints' festival in Papaioea in New Zealand. 

IWD streetart by Gemsbowl

Born, raised and working in the Manawatu, Gemsbowl is deeply bound to this region and its people.

When she creates work for someone, she tries to absorb their ideas and intentions, working alongside them to bring their ideas into visual reality.

She has a strong interest in working on community based projects, and enjoy mentoring and teaching workshops.

Representing the life of a local Mexican woman

IWD streetart by ms yellow

Mexican artist ms.yellow - a member of IWC - created "El Viaje", about the life of the woman who lives inside the house in Mexico on which this statement piece is painted. 

The mural in it's entirety represents love, loss and the strength to move forward in life.

IWD streetart by ms yellow

ms.yellow uses symbols of nature to represent the different stages of the women's life that end in hope and strength to move forward.

"96% of the entire mural is brushwork," explained ms. yellow. "This mural is about the life of the lady who lives inside this house. She recounted stories of her life to me. It is a journey of emotions of the past and present life. The mural begins with a soaring pelican accompanied by two flying pigs with sunglasses. Symbols representing a son who has passed. A woman mourns. She is in full color. An ode to the signs her son gives her in the afterlife such as a rainbow. The pain grows inside her but she turns it into flowers of strength. In the second phase of the mural, she lays. She watches her journey and smiles. Her hair converts into ocean waves. She sails to La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, finding a new life. She is home. The sun is shining, the fish jumps up. A figure representing a native man of the land welcomes her with a colorful backdrop that includes a carambola tree and "Ojo de Dios" designs. Her feet are shown at the end of the tree. She is a root growing in a new life. The universe brought her an animal companion, who understands her journey. The musical notes reflect the musician she is now. An oasis of flowers and nature surround this magic blooming. All is calm in La Cruz."

Such vibrant pieces painted by so many exceptionally talented women! True examples of the massive creativity of women.



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