Wizards of the Coast all-female illustrators team created special IWD Secret Lair drop

 April 02, 2020

Hasbro-owned Wizards of the Coast celebrated International Women's Day by selecting some of their most powerful and influential women from the history of Magic: The Gathering to receive new, borderless art. Announced ahead of International Women's Day, the collaboration was the first of their Secret Lair philanthropic drops, and there are plenty more planned with eye-popping art, fun themes, and surprises along the way.

Women IWD

A team of women creators

An all-female team of illustrators created the artwork: Mila Pesic, Livia Prima, Cynthia Sheppard, Anna Steinbauer, and Magali Villeneuve. Plus, an all-female cohort supported the special edition set -creative directors, producers, and package designers.

Women Wizards of the Coast

Supporting Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

As well as giving their powerful female legends an amazing update for IWD, Wizards of the Coast also donated a significant portion of the sales revenue to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts, International Women's Day's charity of choice.

IWD cards

Issued as a special "Drop Series"

Wizards' International Women's Day product was a special “Drop Series” with print-to-demand sets exclusively sold online for a limited period of 24 hours, which meant players and collectors had to be quick for the chance to get their hands on these fabulous cards.

Women game

Fan videos promoted the drop

Wizards' fans created a flurry of excitement, such as videos about the project and descriptions of individual female character cards.



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