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Hyderabad headquartered, The Star in Me, invited women to share their #BreakTheBias story

 January 11, 2022

Global career advancement platform for women and diversity partner for organizations worldwide, The star in me mobilizedc its members to share stories of how they've succeeded in breaking the bias in both their professional and personal lives. 

The group's global #BreakTheBias initiative aimed to inspire girls not to be discouraged before they take their first steps into the workspace. So women stepped forward to share their #BreakTheBias stories and to inspire others through their journey.

Shivani Gupta shared her #BreakTheBias story

The star in me

Freelance Content Writer and Content Marketer, Shivani Gupta, shared her #BreakTheBias story.

Shivani is a girl who overcame all the hurdles despite being coping with anxiety and depression for more than a decade now. She never allowed her mental health to be a reason for anyone to question her work ethics, talents, or skills. In fact, she started her freelancing business two years back and managed to grow it successfully even when people weren't even able to retain their jobs during the pandemic.

Her mantra is "Small wins matter a lot to achieve bigger successes" and her super power is her passion for her work.

Olympian Shikha Tandon shared her story

The star in me - India - IWD - #BreakTheBias

The number of girls leaving sports increases to get advanced or higher education. There is a misconception in India that sports and advanced education can’t go parallel. But this did not stop Shikha Tandon from taking up sports and education simultaneously.

She is an Olympian swimmer and represented India for almost 15 years at various international competitions. At the same time, her education in Biosciences fueled her interest in the sports science and fitness industry. 

She worked to #BreakTheBias and carved a seamless transition from competitive sport to her current professional career. Her work now involves interacting with health/fitness tech companies, athletes of all levels, and coaches, to leverage advancements in data science and human biology to establish solutions that enable personalized insights and recommendations.

Her mantra is "Be true to yourself."

Inspirational female founders of The star in me

the star in me founders

The Star in Me is co-founded by Mahua Mukherjee and Uma Kasoji who are both experienced in breaking the bias having built successful leadership careers that have spanned two decades. 

Headquartered in Hyderabad in India, The star in me is passionate about helping women pursue their professional aspirations by providing them a collaborative professional ecosystem, and work with organizations to improve women’s representation in the workforce and in leadership.

The group provides access to on-demand services for accelerated career growth, future-ready learning programs tailored for different career stages, and connections with women professionals from across the globe. ‘The star in me’ also amplifies the potential of diversity by helping organizations recruit, engage and develop diverse talent.

star in me

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