#EmbraceEquity work of Maltese artist is commissioned for International Women's Day

 February 27, 2023

Art is a powerful tool in driving equity. A means of self-expression, art enables women to voice their ideas, thoughts, and experiences, and communicate messages to inspire audiences to enact their own change. 

Celebrating the work of women creatives is one of the International Women's Day (IWD) missions. And it is through the Women Creatives Mission that IWD elevates the visibility of artists for commercial projects and commissions.

Commercial projects and commissions benefit both the artist and the client. Vital for the continuing career success of creatives, commissions are often a primary source of income for many artists, and raise their visibility for future work. For clients, commissions enable the acquisition of more personal pieces and can mean being more closely involved in the creative process.

One company that is supporting women in this way is NetRefer, an affiliate marketing software provider based in Malta. An annual event for NetRefer, this year's IWD sees the company taking a creative approach that promotes a local artist, bringing together clients and female employees. For IWD 2023, NetRefer commissioned a local female artist to illustrate the #EmbraceEquity campaign theme via an engaging poster for colleagues.

Maltese illustrator Steffi Venturi's creativity inspires to #EmbraceEquity

Maltese artist

Steffi Venturi [pictured above] is a local Maltese freelance illustrator with a fondness for all things colorful, wholesome, and cute. Although she began as a traditional artist with a Fine Arts degree, Steffi has discovered a new love for digital and has since expanded her work into digital illustrations and textile screen prints. Steffi's cartoon and comic-like illustrations are influenced by the people, creatures, and places around her.

NetRefer commissioned Steffi to create a large piece of artwork to celebrate the IWD 2023 campaign theme, #EmbraceEquity. The commissioned piece draws on Steffi's minimal, vibrant, and playful style, while incorporating elements of visual storytelling, and a little bit of Maltese flare to remind her of her island home.

NetRefer is distributing Steffi's art as a poster to female clients and employees in the hope that they may display it in their office, or home, or pass it on to someone they know and love.

An award-winning affiliate marketing leader

NetRefer women

Established in 2005 by its pioneering Founder & CEO Raphael Arnold, NetRefer is as an award-winning platform of choice for many global iGaming brands. Its Affiliate Marketing Platform is a comprehensive Cloud-Based ecosystem of solutions and tools covering the entire Affiliate Marketing life-cycle.

Meet some of the women behind NetRefer

Women working at NetRefer are bright and experienced technology experts who are passionate about what they do, and with constant attention to the needs of its clients, affiliates, and partners. These women are part of a diverse and dynamic team - or what the company playfully describes as a "motley crew of characters". Employees range from tech wizards to marketing mavens, strategists to abstract thinkers, cautionary creatives to rebels with fire in their bellies, all of whom form a hive-minded community that works hard to craft the right solutions.

Many impressive women work at NetRefer. Olesya Grech is a Senior Account Manager, who is an expert in building strong relationships and driving revenue growth. Olesya is supported by Account Manager, Elena Scicluna, who brings her 15 years of work experience in Tourism & Hospitality industry, as well as her strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Meanwhile, User Experience Manager Sarah Power cultivates positive customer relationships through clear and helpful communication, and is talented at building loyalty and long-term relationships with customers. 

NetRefer's Human Resources team includes Naila Hashmi, with a background in information technology and services and a passion for diversity, equality, and inclusion; and Lorena Orelo, who helps drive outstanding employee experience. Underpinning the business, French national Amélie Rigaud and former Travel Consultant Sue Ellen Borg support day-to-day operations as office administrators.

NetRefer also boasts its own female creatives, such as Content Writer Christina Beach, who uses her professional writing skills to create relevant content for clients.

Show your support for women creatives 

Companies can consider following in the footsteps of NetRefer by commissioning women creatives to create artwork for International Women's Day and beyond. 

Be inspired by Steffi's work, or discover further talented artists through the IWD Women Creatives Mission.

Let's celebrate women creatives!



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