Cassandra K. Moody, M.S., P.E.

Engineering balance in today's workplace

When everything is important, by default, nothing is. Given drastic changes in the workplace and world, professionals in engineering and technology have been subjected to an ever-increasing expansion of roles and responsibilities. This session will explain personal prioritization engineering in a practical approach based on principles of energy balance and the First Law of Thermodynamics to help overcommitted professionals decide, clarify, and define their priorities. Additional engineering and behavioral science principles will be supplemented through examples and workshop-style exercises. The result of this session is reduced stress through clear priorities and practical implication and execution strategies.

• Change is the only constant: highlight examples of change female engineers have been exposed to recently
• Newton’s Laws of conservation of energy: energy cannot be created nor destroyed; only converted from one form to another
• 1st law of thermodynamics: energy cannot be created or destroyed
• Introduction and application of Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle
• Unique approach to change: Engineering Process X Human Response
• Case study on sample process implementation example
• Return on investment perspective
• Theme: identify strengths in engineering processes, methodologies, and human psychology to present a unique approach applicable to change situations where positive returns can be realized.

Mrs. Cassandra K. Moody, M.S., P.E.  is a passionate professional engineer with over 15 years of pipeline engineering experience encompassing Pipeline Asset Integrity Management Program (IMP) responsibilities while serving in regional operations engineering capacities during her tenure with a North American pipeline operator. Mrs. Moody leads technical teams and provides Subject Matter Expertise in program management, pipeline operations, safety management systems, pipeline safety legal matters, threat assessment, and change management through her Houston-based engineering consulting firm, Time For Change. Being a successful female in a predominately male, technical industry, Mrs. Moody is an advocate for women and young engineers. She maintains multiple Women’s Owned business certifications and provides professional coaching services. Cassandra is also a wife and momma who enjoys leading bible studies, encouraging others, reading, cooking, and spending time outdoors in her spare time.

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