Street art is a perfect way to spread the #BreakTheBias message across communities

 February 02, 2022

A fundamental aspect of a city or town is its freedom and creativity, so this is why street art is so important. Aside from promoting diversity, street art also enhances the quality of life in a city through depicting and reflecting the diversity of the groups that make up a city or community.

Street art transforms communities and provides an impactful means to raise awareness and spread positive social messages. Communities across the world see creative individuals and groups use street art as a medium to transform parts of a city into exciting, vivid representations of local identity. And the participation of women is absolutely key.

Street art creates a sense of pride, inclusion and belonging

Let's take a sneak peek at the wonderful creativity of Ms Snaps from Darwin, Australia as she gets ready for a fabulous IWD 2022 street art mural in her local community. Thanks MS Snaps!

As part of the International Women's Day Women Creatives Mission, women street artists, those identifying as female, and their allies are invited to create a #BreakTheBias mural supporting the IWD 2022 theme. Be part of the creative process and post your mural on social media.

Let's look back at previous IWD street art

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